House of Roleen

House of Roleen Graduation

Manufacturing Supplier of Academic Attire, Legal Attire and Pulpit Wear directly from the Factory, to Universities, Colleges and the Public, 100% to the specification as set by the relevant industry.

The business was established in 1988 with the sole purpose to be the best quality, Manufacturing Supplier to the industry.

The fabric being used in the manufacturing process, is made to the House of Roleen exclusive Specifications and Branded the Gold Label Quality, Exclusive to this Prestigious Business.

During the 32 years House of Roleen has given the industry, the unconditional guarantee, which is widely publicized.

The Academic Attire is being made to the British Colour Code Specifications, according to the Constitution of the Relevant Institution, for the Individual Qualification.

House of Roleen is widely being used for the design of hierarchy attire, from Chancellor, Vice Chancellor all the way to Directors, strictly according to the relevant level, to overall form a distinctive branding between the levels.

Most recently House of Roleen designed new Hoods and Collars for all the qualifications at North West University, to align all three campuses, after the amalgamation.

You are invited to pay us a visit during your next round, to evaluate yourself.